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New release: version 3.0.4
  • lynx-like motion on pressing right arrow key
  • Help updated to include Treespec command
  • Fix corrupted keyboard input
  • File window colors now properly restored after return from ShowAll/Global

>download here via sourceforge
UnixTree.org :
  • Added: A new entry to the Hidden Hotkeys list, to reflect the new Treespec function in version 3.0.3
  • Removed the links to the mailing list (which has been dead for a long time now;
    however, the archive can still be accessed via this Sourceforge page)

Finally, after a 16 year hiatus, someone took over the further development of UnixTree!!
The cup goes to Dmitry from Ukraine, who released a new version 3.0.3
  • Treespec command (similar to XTreeGold)
  • Debian package
  • Improved support of wide displays and long path/file names (while entering them in commands like "Rename")

Compiled DEB and RPM packages are here:
and a GitHub repository is here:
(These links have also been added to the download page)
Just saw, someone kindly did a Debian (or Ubuntu) package for UnixTree 3.0.2, thanks very much to Ian Binnie, he supplies this for download at >binnie.id.au/Downloads/UnixTree-3.0-2_i386.deb
UnixTree.org :
Added: A new entry in the tips&tricks page:
Emulating the XTree 'B'ranch command
UnixTree.org :
Punctual to the 20th anniversary of the introduction of the orginal XTree, there is now finally, after a long, long hiatus, a new release of UnixTree, maybe something like a birthday present to its ancestor:
UnixTree version 3.0.2 now released
What has changed in the meantime?
First of all, we now make use of more sourceforge.net services, and from now on we will host any file releases exclusively at the sourceforge server/mirrors.
Then, there are now separate binaries for running UnixTree on the console (file "xt") and under X11 (file "xtx"). And the latter no longer requires to be called from the pcxterm utility.
Moreover, there have been substantial updates to the curses and XVT libraries, and, of course, numerous bugfixes, which are, however, not explicitely tracked.
And again, I'd like to encourage all UnixTree users to make use of all the wonderful sourceforge services, such as the users mailing list (subscribe here), the bug tracking and the feature request system.
UnixTree.org :
OK, things are becoming active again, slowly but steadily:
  • Added: UnixTree now has an active project page at Sourceforge.net.
    The first services which have been initialized are an users mailing list (subscribe here), a bug tracking and a feature request tracking system.
    And, yes, I kindly ask all users interested in UnixTree usage and evolution to subscribe to its brand new mailing list! Don't hesitate, it may change your life.... ;-)
    Since I am trying to continuosly improve the configuration of this services, any comments, criticism, suggestions, etc. are warmly welcomed to be to me or, preferably, to be posted at the XTree Forum
    And the best of all: New UnixTree versions are on the horizon, watch this space for more news soon!

UnixTree.org :
Wow, after about 2 1/2 years of unhappy uneventfulness, now there's really some sort of update to the page:
  • Added: Finally, the last available development versions of UnixTree have been uploaded to the http download section.

UnixTree.org :
Ok, finally here it is, you have waited a long, long time for a new version, so we've decided to come out now with the brand new, feature packed and better than ever:
UnixTree version 3.0.0,
now released.

Well, what's new compared to the previous 2.3.4 version ?
It's almost innumerable additions, changes and fixes.
Details are in the ChangeLog file.
The most important/exciting ones are:
  • UnixTree has joined the Open Source community,
    3.0.0 is the first release under the GNU General Public License .
    Thus a source code package is available as well as precompiled binaries for numerous platforms.
  • UnixTree now comes along with its own terminal emulation program for X11 (called "pcxterm"), which enables a number of unique features:
    • SHIFT and ALT keypress detection, this means, UnixTree now acts like XTree under DOS, i.e. display the respective menu on a single modifier keypress - we've hardly (if ever) seen that in any other Unix terminal mode program before ! This is possible because UnixTree does not rely on ncurses or similar libraries, but comes along with its own one, called "ecurses" (short for: "Extended Curses") !
      (Note that for some reasons SHIFT acts like CTRL in XTree/DOS)
    • Full, native color and mouse support
  • Internationalisation, as a first step a German languaged menu is available as an option, to be selected through the config menu.
  • A port to, believe it, Mac OS X is available now - so this finally grants us some kind of a character based, reborn "XTreeMac"...
  • Added the ALT-'W'hat command, which displays the type of the current file, similar to the system's "file" command.
  • ... and there are many more great additions ... just explore yourself ...

Please note that some more updates at various sections of this homepage will follow soon, so stay tuned and watch this space for more facts/the shocking thruth of UnixTree 3.0.0 ... ;-)
UnixTree.org - links page:
UnixTree.org :
UnixTree's homepage/
(now:) UnixTree.org :
  • The homepage of UnixTree now finally has a new, more adequate and mnemonic address:
    along with an according renaming of the homepages name to "UnixTree.org", and some subtle green colour adjustments...
    Note that the old destinations "http://utho.arkanda.net", respectively "http://www.arkanda.net/utho", now simply redirect visitors to the new location.
    P.S.: An amazing new version of UnixTree is just around the corner, it will be released very soon as Open Source under the GNU General Public License, and will have some nifty new features, like native X11 support, and more cool additions, so stay tuned...

UnixTree Homepage ("UTHO"):
  • The "UTHO" now has a new (shorter and more concise) address:
    Note, that the old destination "http://www.arkanda.net/utho" will continue to remain valid additionaly, and can still be accessed.
    However, for reasons of clarity and standardization, solely the new address (utho.arkanda.net) should be used and linked to.

UnixTree Homepage ("UTHO"):
  • I have to apologise for the inconveniences you may have had the last couple of days with some UTHO pages and functions. In particular with the Download links, which have been completely malfunctional for a number of days.
    The reason was, that my webspace provider has upgraded to a new server hard- and software, so they moved all the pages there, and, as a result, lots of configuration files, CGI scripts and Server Side Includes had to be updated to meet the new environment properties.
    However, all adjustments now finally have been done, and everything should work again as before, especially all Download links, both HTTP and FTP now are valid again.
    (In case you still come across any oddities, try to reload the respective page in order to access an uncached version).
  • By the way, hopefully new updates and additions to the UTHO pages will follow soon ... finally after a long gap ... so I think it's worth to stay tuned !

UnixTree Homepage - history page:
UnixTree Homepage - tips & tricks page:
UnixTree version 2.3.4 released
  • Builtin hex editor as 'H'exedit command in file window and hex file views
  • "directory" keyword to available patterns for color coding
  • Paste last used entry command (F3) to input fields
  • <ESC> <ESC> key sequence addirtionally bound to ESCAPE function
  • Configuration option to display server messages on FTP logging
  • Configuration option to set the initial file view mask display status
  • Gzip compression of *.tar files now uses a *.tgz suffix
  • Search command now includes ignore case option in a single dialog
  • History list now always moves down any entry selected to the bottom of the list
  • Duplicate current filename hotkey in input fields changed from "/" to F4
  • FTP node dialog now pastes no default entries any more to the prompts
  • FTP node dialog now pastes default user name entry only after an explicit "F4"-hotkey issue
  • FTP node dialog now assumes "anonymous" as user name and "<login-name>@<machine-name>" as default if no entry is made
  • 'O'pen command on compressed files now uses "/tmp" for temporarily expanded files
  • Appmenu's "$D" variable now contains the full pathname to the current directory
  • File view 'W'indow display option 'M'ask toggles high order characters to be displayed "as is" or masked as "."
  • Unix builds now use POSIX termio instead of native termio
  • Windows package file renamed to "xt-x86-windows.zip"
  • Gzip uncompression failure after gzip compression fixed
  • FTP logging now can deal with multiple-line responses, non-standard responses to "NLST -ali" and clock ticking caused interrupted calls
  • FTP logging now stores proper symbol link info for file info display

UnixTree Homepage - tips & tricks page:
  • Hidden Hotkeys list updated, now also reflecting the additions and changes of versions 2.3.2 and 2.3.3

UnixTree version 2.3.3 released
  • FreeBSD build to available binary downloads
  • Environment variable "$XTINIT" to specify an alternate resource file
  • Uncompress on-the-fly capabilites to the 'O'pen command
  • "/" as (hidden) alias for 'G'oto command in file window
  • "F3"-key in input fields to past in the most recent entry to the prompt
  • Ignore case option to File-View 'S'earch command
  • 'O'pen command to archive node file window
  • 'C'opy as a hidden alias to 'E'xtract in archive node file window
  • ALT-'N'ode now just releases the current node
  • 'Q'uit command in file-view window now just quits the view-mode
  • In F8 split screen mode TAG/CTRL-'C'opy/'M'ove/etc. now defaults the opposite path as target
  • Printing commands now working also on Linux systems
  • Screen redraw after shell escape

UnixTree version 2.3.2 released
  • File compare/diff command 'J'FC 
    (The command's name "JFC" originally stood for "Jeff [-rey C. Johnson] 's File Compare" in the DOS version 3.0x of XTreeGold.
    It was kept for compatibility [and tribute!] reasons)
  • Node-toggle commands ">" and "<" now also available from the file window
  • Alt-'L'ink now uses only one input prompt for directory/file-target entry
  • The distribution text file formerly called "README" is now named "FILES"
  • All pathname prompt entries are now resolved
    (such as "~" to the user's homedir and "$NAME" to the respective variable value)
  • Core dumps in ALT-'C'ompact fixed
  • File/path-names are now internally quoted
    (to avoid trouble on names with blanks, etc.)
  • Message-line loss on cascading calls to menu-history routine fixed
  • Filename entries now accept tilde ("~") characters

UnixTree Homepage - details page:
  • Re-organized the platforms list, to makes binaries to architecture and OS assignments more clear, and avoid term redundancy.

UnixTree Homepage:
  • The "links" page has been added, featuring a number of interesting links to related topics.

UnixTree Homepage - download page:
  • The page now includes a nicely formatted directory (link) listing of the UnixTree HTTP and FTP download locations. For the list's HTML is generated by a perl script on the fly, the contents are always up to date, reflecting instantly any new files being uploaded.

UnixTree version 2.3.1 released
  • Absolute/relative link option to 'L'ink and ALT-'L'ink directory commands
  • NCR SVR4 build to available binary downloads
  • In text-entry fields, now either "INS" or "OVR" is displayed to indicate Insert or Overwrite mode
  • Core dumps on file command ALT-F2 (relog) fixed
  • Empty list with first ever history entry
  • Missing 'N'ode log history list

UnixTree Homepage - tips & tricks page:
UnixTree Homepage - what's new (= this) page:
  • Changed the news item's stylebook to provide a more clear and better readable appearance

UnixTree version 2.3.0 released
  (Note: 2.2.9 version number skipped due to important file name changes)
  • Menu-style recall-history (up-arrow) mechanism, with hotkey "F10" to keep at and hotkey "Delete" to delete entries from the list
  • "Max. saved entries" configuration value counts only non-permanent entries, while set to "0" saves unlimited number of entries
  • "user.trm" read after loading default terminal file to hold user custom definitions separately from distribution files
  • XTHOME environment variable and directory (by default "~/xt") to include any user specific UnixTree files (such as "xt.fc" (formerly "~/.xtrc"), "xt.fc" (formerly ".xtfc"), "xt.hs" (formerly ".xths"), "xt.mnu", "*.trm" and "*.sh" files)
  • Support for special-file type "door" (used in SVR4 systems)
  • ALT-'L'ink command to file menu to enable symlink value changes
  • Absolute/relative link option to 'L'ink and ALT-'L'ink file commands
  • Support for identifying broken symlinks (represented by a preceding "?"-character)
  • Support for ALT-'T'ag broken symlinks
  • Linux build now delivered in gzipped "*.tar.gz" archive format rather than in compressed "*.tar.Z" archive format.
  • Pattern matching routine, so "foo*" would match file "foo"
  • In the ALT-file-menu "F10 Resolve" is only displayed on symlink files
  • Linux build now linked with libncurses instead of libtermcapto avoid core-dumps on Debian systems
  • Output-attribute routine to re-output any alt-char stateafter changing colors or attributes to deal with bug in "Eterm"

UnixTree version 2.2.8 released
  • Info command ("?") for normal dir/file displays
  • Command line options "-h" and "--help" as synonym for "-?", and "-helpall" and "--helpall" as synonyms for "-??"
  • Hitting Return in file view mode now also return to the file window
  • Configuration option "Insert mode" to set insert mode on by default on prompts
  • Configuration option "ignore case" to ignore case when sorting dir/file names by name
  • Split-screen info window is now persistent until another "?"-keypress ends it
  • Dest-dir logic to correctly display node/file info and path-line when in split screen
  • Input history will collapse duplicate subsequent entries

UnixTree Homepage - tips & tricks page:
UnixTree version 2.2.7 released
  • Support of color-coded file display
  • FTP passwords are not saved in history list
  • History file (~/.xths) is now set to mode 600 (rw-------)
  • Dir stats now updated properly when doing an alt-relog
  • Fixed erroneous "CWD in path" message in graft/compact

UnixTree version 2.2.6 released
  • Cross-device move-ability,
  • Multi-history capability on all input
  • Search-back key and secondary search-next/previous keys ('/','.') to view file window
  • File position percentage display to view cmd window
  • Hotkey ('/') to duplicate current filename in copy/move/link/rename/etc commands for editing
  • Log new nodes and any other directory-window capabilites from directory window to destination-dir (F2) command
  • Directory GOTO command ('/')

UnixTree Homepage:
  • The (former) "UnixTree home" now has a (just slightely different) new name:
    "UnixTree Homepage", or short: "UTHO" ,
    also it has a new address: www.arkanda.net/utho
    (while all requests for the old address (www.arkanda.net/unixtree) will be redirected to the new one),
    and, last but not least, a completely new site layout is introduced today!

UnixTree version 2.2.5 released
  • Automatic insert of current filename in archive node log dialogue.
  • ALT-'R'elease node now only releases the current-node (not asking for all other logged nodes to release any more)
  • Tag file Move/Copy/Link operations now also insert the opposite directory name in split screen mode.

UnixTree version 2.2.4 released
  • Support for gzip files and logging gztar files
  • Bug in put/save node (used with alt-quit)

UnixTree Homepage:
  • The "tips & tricks"-page is now ready to be explored !
    It contains a list of command line options, and a survey of "Hidden hotkeys" (some notes on Terminal file (*.trm) definitions are coming soon)

UnixTree Homepage:
  • The guided tour is now ready to be joined !
    It consits of a cool set of screenshots, which nicely illustrate the program's features, as well as its differences and additions compared to XTree

UnixTree version 2.2.3 released
  (Changed from "verson 2.23" to "version 2.2 release 3"
   in order to provide rpm-required separate version and release strings)
  • UnixTree rpm file to deliverables
  • Problem with WinTree where it would exit with "~ does not exist" message if no HOME env var was found (it now defaults to "c:\").

UnixTree version 2.22 released
  • xterm-c.trm file for linux users with color-xterm,
  • Mouse movements now highlight the dir/file the mouse is on,
  • Default mouse-cmd color changed from black/white to black/cyan
  • More changes to linux.trm file for various function keys
  • Default exit-color is changed from white/black to black/white if in a window

UnixTree version 2.21 released
This marks the official starting day of UnixTree distribution,
as well as the
birth of the "UnixTree Homepage" (at about 12:00 am local time)
under its initial name "UnixTree home" and location at "www.arkanda.net/unixtree"



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