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XTree Fan Page



XTree Fan Page - Everything about the legendary XTree filemanager

Other XTree clones for Unix/Linux

Selected XTree clones for other operating systems

Selected other filemanagers for Unix/Linux

Selected other XTree-related sites

Utilities for compiling UnixTree sources

  • XTree Fan Page - Everything about the legendary XTree filemanager:


  • Other XTree clones for Unix/Linux :
  • Selected XTree clones for other operating systems :
    • ZTreeWin for Windows 95/98/ME and NT/2000:


      Undoubtedly this is *the* model for all XTree clones ! Not only it is (through its OS/2 "ZTreeBold" forefather (see below)) the first ever serious XTree clone around, but also still the most close one. Credit to the author, Kim Henkel !

    • ZTreeBold for OS/2 :


      ZTreeWin's forefather and OS/2 counterpart.

  • Selected other filemanagers for Unix/Linux :
    • GNU Midnight Commander :


      Admittedly, this Norton Commander clone is still the most widespread and popular console mode filemanager under Linux and other (free) Unix flavours. It's user interface concept is kind of an antagonist to the XTree approach, maybe somewhat similar to the Emacs/Vi holy wars....

  • Selected other XTree-related sites :
    • Jeffrey C. Johnson :


      The homepage of the first and major XTree/XTreeGold for DOS author. He could be clearly called the father of XTree - and therefore he now finally resides at this prestigious domain !

    • ZTreeWin Unofficial Homepage :


      A great support site by Victor Garcia for the "ZTreeWin" (see above) Win32 XTree clone.

    • Xtree -- Another Classic File Manager :


      Part of "The Softpanorama University Orthodox File Managers Site", an utmost worth-reading collection of remarkable skilled articles on DOS/Windows/Unix console/GUI filemanager design issues.

  • Utilities for compiling UnixTree sources :
    • GCC, the "GNU Compiler Collection" :


      Normally, the free software 'gcc' is already present on most Unix type systems, at least on all Open Source ones like Linux or FreeBSD, but in case you're dealing with some commercial Unix derivative, and still have to look for an adequate ANSI-compliant compiler, then this is your starting point for the sources and some binaries.

    • MKS Toolkit for Developers :


      This is the homepage of the commercial product "MKS Toolkit (for Developers)", which is recommended for comiling the UnixTree sources under Windows NT.

      The toolkit's only drawback is, that it seems to be more an enterprise than a private client solution, considering the price range... :-(

    • Cygwin :


      The CYGWIN package can also be used to build UnixTree binaries under Windows, although, if you use the gcc system included with it instead of the Microsoft development package (MSVC, see below), you cannot access all the capabilities of Windows, such as mouse & color support and low-level file-system support.

      The Cygwin tools are ports of the popular GNU development tools and utilities for Windows. They function by using the Cygwin library which provides a UNIX-like API on top of the Win32 API.

    • Microsoft Visual C++ :


      The Microsoft Visual C++ development package enables a Windows UnixTree build to access some advanced capabilities of Windows, such as mouse & color support and low-level file-system support.



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