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formerly known as "xtree for UNIX Systems",
now is a powerful, XTree-alike filemanager for Unix/Linux
"Don't leave $HOME without it!"

UnixTree is a powerful and versatile console-mode filemanager for Unix and Linux systems, modeled very closely after the distinguished DOS program XTreeGold.
It provides both a fast and catchy interface for daily file and directory maintenance needs, as well as the ability to perform sophisticated tasks on arbitrary selections of particular files all across the directory tree.
Equivalents of UNIX commands like tar, find and grep are accessible through handy single keystroke commands. Statistical data is displayed all the time and updated on every action taking place. UnixTree also supports archive (tar/gz) and FTP logging, furthermore there is an "Application Menu" which facilitates unlimited, user-defined command extensions.
Due to its heritage as the former "xtree for UNIX Systems" version, UnixTree is now remarkable as well for its ease of use, clarity of organization, and multitude of services, as XTreeGold has been.
UnixTree is written by Rob Juergens and is "Free Software",
released as "Open Source" under the terms of the GNU General Public License .



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